Manifesting supervillains…pow pow


powWe’ve fantasized so much about supervillains in every comic and cartoon world that we’ve begun to make fantastical ones real, while the real ones keep escaping. The actual ones hide behind corporations, corrupt politicos, are tyrants who run things and folks who uphold this behaviour.  Unfortunately companies who *sell* comics or children’s cartoons constantly want to produce art and movies that speak metaphorically – Malcolm X as Magneto and Dr King as Professor X are examples of this metaphoria, and I believe it was (until recently) mainly to “protect” the comic world’s main buyers, white boys and men (but I’m not knocking the story line or the buyers). No one wanted to be literal – and in fantasy fiction of course that’s not the goal.  But I’m beginning to feel that what we write, we are writing into real life.  Behold, the person we created: evil for the sake of evil (he said it himself, he wants to be the “world’s heel”). Did we create him?  If we did it’s looking like he bought into this fantasy as much as we did. We taught him how to act. Did we manifest him?  If so, how can we ever undo that?
This is one reason I have a hard time writing dystopic fiction.  Not that I believe we aren’t headed for apocalyptic awfulness for a while anyway…I just don’t want to manifest more of it through my pen.  What we write we bring to life.  I do believe in the power of “good” or truth to overcome or level things, but I’m really torn, even as many stories and poems that pop into my head don’t end well.  I guess that’s a thought in progress for me.

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